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Courses & Programs


Building Resilience During COVID-19

Mindfulness skills for improved, lifelong coping


Building Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The ACCEPTS Program is a 2-month, online course for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, advanced practice providers, social workers, psychologists, and chaplains seeking to increase knowledge and utilization of resilience practices. The course is broadly informed by acceptance-based behavior therapy approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Participants will develop an awareness of strategies for increasing psychological flexibility, acceptance, and value-based living with the intention of enhancing patient-provider interactions, psychosocial well-being, and overall quality of life.

Curriculum:  10 self-paced modules
Time:  One hour each
Each modules includes a podcast or recorded presentation, a reflective workbook exercise, and an experiential exercise to integrate new skills learned.

This course is not meant as a substitute for mental health services.

2-Month Online Course

Summer 2021:  TBD



Online at the University of Chicago Canvas Learning Management System

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Complimentary Intro Podcast:

Sample Course Syllabus
Health Care Professionals and Rates:
Physicians Free
Advanced Practice Nurses Free
Physician Assistants Free
Nurses Free
Psychologists Free
Social Workers Free
Chaplains Free
Curriculum Focus:
  • Learn strategies for increasing psychological flexibility, acceptance, and value-based living
  • Improve provider-patient interactions
  • Enhance psychosocial well-being and overall quality of life
Learning takes place through:
  • 10 self-study modules
  • Each modules consists of a: podcast or recorded webinar (10-25 minutes), workbook exercise, and practice exercises with a colleague
  • Discussion board for peer-to-peer learning
  • Office hours with the course director, optional

For more information, please contact the course director
James Gerhart, PhD

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